Masons Ink is a people oriented design and construction firm specialised in sustainability and heritage conservation. A team of like minded individuals striving to make a difference in the construction sector. Mud and other natural materials are the primary material palette for projects by Masons ink. The firm believes that sustainability should no longer be a choice but the norm and is striving to make it more accessible to the common man.

Founded and run by women, masons ink is constantly trying to break stereotypes and push the boundaries empowering women in the construction sector. With a dream of achieving gender quality on the construction site  they are looking into capacity building of unskilled labours (men and women) in alternate construction techniques. Knowledge – transfer being an important part of their agenda they conduct several awareness and outreach programmes on sustainability and heritage for ages 6-60 through collaborations with schools, colleges and certain ngos. They have been a part of various public outreach programmes such as Designuru, makerfaire and their own venture “hands on heritage”.

In terms of innovation Masons Ink is determined to reach a zero-carbon footprint in its projects and conducts a lot of R&D in the use and innovation of natural materials in construction. They have been recognised internationally for their efforts in research at various scientific conferences. They have most recently represented India in Kenya, Turkey and France. 
Masons Ink has also been recognised on several national and international peer reviewed  platforms for their architectural projects. 
1. Best Residence – Finalist in FOAID 2019
2. House by Archdais – 1st Runner Up 2019
3. Finalist – Best Residential project and best public Building – 2ACAA 2019
4. Young Architect of the year and Best Public Building – Vanitha Veedu Awards 2018
Rosie Paul and Sridevi Changali are the two women behind this venture:
Before setting up her own practice Rosie Paul was the Head Architect at the Auroville Earth Institute. With a penchant for energy efficient buildings, she specializes in earth technology and cost effective design. She has been involved with several projects executed using earth technologies both locally and internationally. She has a post master degree in Earthen Architecture, local building cultures and sustainable habitat from CRA terre, France, UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture.
Along with managing projects at Mason’s Ink, she is an earth consultant to select Non Profit Organisations such as SELCO Foundation , India and Good Planet Foundation, France.
With a passion for Heritage conservation, Sridevi Changali has graduated from the University of York, UK with a masters in Historic Building Conservation. She has been associated with The Council for British archaeology and The York Archaeological Trust. She worked with INTACH, Pondicherry chapter as project co-ordinator and played a key role in the revision of the Listing and Grading of Heritage Buildings Pondicherry. The Heritage Wing of Masons Ink is headed by her and she is involved with several heritage initiatives in Bangalore City. She is also a consultant with IHCNF Bangalore and Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Center under the smart city initiative.
To know more, click on the link to visit our website www.masonsinkstudio.com