A Fun Filled Interaction With Heritage

“If we know where we came from, we may better know where to go. If we know who we came from, we may better understand who we are.”

Heritage of things can be prescribed in tangible and intangible aspects of a community, its traditions and spaces. Sometimes it can be as simple as a tree or as complex as an architectural detail on a built form. Cubbon Park was one such space envisioned to be in the centre of the city — between Kempegowda old city and Cantonment area. The park is a host to a number of civic, public and administrative buildings blended in with the greenery, forming a perfect setting for the Heritage Hunt.

The datum point of the hunt was at the office where it began with a set of engaging puzzles to decode the destination. The race was on and we were running about the streets trying to be at par with the other teams.  At every heritage stop we had the task of finding out information about them and this is where paying attention during school history classes really came a long way and put us in the lead.

As the hunt intensified, so did our heart rates and the challenges became increasingly tricky. The clues carried us all around the park to places, we wouldn’t have given a second glance at otherwise. It was fast paced journey through the colonial past of Bangalore mixed with the more contemporary structures like the Science museum and Children’s park. After completing all tasks at hand, reaching the end point was exhilarating and winning the hunt was an all new high.

History is not something everyone can fully appreciate, or think of as a fun activity. The Heritage Hunt managed to combine both for an informative and interactive experience, allowing people to de-stress and learn.  As an architecture student, I can appreciate the importance of these buildings and preserving these reminders of the past. Social media tags at every location was another interactive way to involve people of the non architectural background. Having dialogues in the form of a heritage hunt will ensure maximum participation of the community and I’m all for it. Not only did we walk away as winners but I also learnt to notice things. What was before just huge, lifeless icons of bygone era now shined with the glow of its rich heritage.


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  1. Chandrashekar says:

    Good article Apoorva


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